Need help with my man!

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Karen Camp asked 4 months ago

Heu lizzle I just need your help..I think my man is messing around..he does it before but I forgive him but I can’t prove it this time.He say it in your head and I just want to think I doing something wrong..Maybe it is just me because i not happy like I usr to be..But he he does stuff to upset me to like goes and sends money and don’t tell me but yet i tell him everything I spend money on to the t…

1 Answers
Lizzie Staff answered 4 months ago

Oh my goodness Karen let’s see what we can do… first off communication is the key to every relationship.  If you don’t communicate with each other then it’s going to be very hard. Also you have to trust each other… it seems like somewhere in your relationship the trust is somewhat broken. I think you deserve happiness every woman deserves happiness and if you’re not happy maybe you need to change something. Ask yourself if you are happy, I hope this helps.